Community-Wide Men’s Group

Group or Class Description

This is a community-wide Bible study group. We have men from multiple churches, all different ages, married with kids/grand kids, married without kids, divorced, single, etc. All guys are welcome (ages 15 +).

We meet every other Thursday for prayer and Bible study. We like to take our time as we walk through God’s Word. We examine every passage, asking the Lord to reveal to us who He is, who He says we are, what He has done for us, and how we may apply His truths to our lives.

We normally have pizza, drinks, and light snacks. Some guys like to arrive a little early for fellowship. We begin prayer requests at 7:00, then Bible study, and officially dismiss at 8:30. You are welcome to hang out afterwards as long as you like. Sometimes there are great questions and discussions after we have dismissed… and occasionally, for fun, a Call of Duty tournament of sorts. We love to pray, study, laugh, and have fun.

Our goals are deeper knowledge and love of God, and to grow in relationship with one another as we encourage, bear with, and exhort each other to walk in deeper holiness.

Leader Information

Chad Gray

  • call(256) 390-2533